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Active Coaches 24 February 2018 16:32

Ukranian Winning Team

As the final of the Youth Rock 'n' Roll World Cup comes to an end, the table of the WDSF Communication team next to the floor keeps bouncing. This is not exclusively due to the lively characteristics of this type of dance, but to the enthusiasm of the athletes’ coaches who keep cheering and dancing along on the sidelines. The whole scene makes up for the missing acrobatics! Juvenile and junior couples are prohibited from doing acrobatics.

The role of the coach, however, does not stop there. From taking selfies on the podium to receiving a trophy, they are included in every part of this competition. The reciprocal admiration between coach and trainee can be seen both on and off-stage, and it looks like fun!

IILV8s4HPDk|Live Stream | 2018 World Cup Acrobatic Rock 'n Roll

The Live Stream 24 February 2018 14:32

2017 WRRC World Cup Acrobatic R+R

The Cossacks are dancing at the Ice Cube in Sochi, RUS, as part of the Opening Ceremony of the 2017 WRRC World Cup Acrobatic Rock 'n' Roll in Juvenile, Junior and in B-Class,

The live stream is embedded below. We are not yet able to provide you with a schedule for the upcoming rounds.

IILV8s4HPDk|Live Stream | 2018 WRRC World Cup Acrobatic R+R

Here It Is! 24 February 2018 14:16

Ice Cube Sochi, RUS

Acrobatic Rock 'n' Roll is scheduled at the Ice Cube all day today. A live stream is available on the competitions held in Juvenile, Junior and in B-Class. Don't miss the action!

Where the Olympic curlers swept the icy lanes four years ago in Sochi, RUS, the Acrobatic Rock 'n' Roll dancers bring their action to the floor today. We are in the "Ice Cube," one of the more emblematic venues of the last Winter Games, waiting for the Opening Ceremony to the World Cup Juvenile, Junior and in B-Class is about to get underway.

We spent much time in  meetings until now and are slightly behind schedule when it comes to launching this "Live from Sochi" blog. But here it is!

Welcome To Sochi! 24 February 2018 14:14

Sochi, RUS

A small WDSF Communications team is on location in Sochi, RUS, for the three competitions staged at one of the Olympic venues on 24 and 25 February. Provided all the logistics can be worked out, the team will offer you LIVE streams of these competitions here and through DanceSport Total | DST and complement with the usual forms of reporting.

2018 World Cup R&R Junior

Ice Cube, Sochi, RUS


2018 European STD Formation

Ice Cube, Sochi, RUS


2018 European Youth LAT

Ice Cube, Sochi, RUS



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